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Map records UK’s small ups and downs

The subtle warping of the land surface across the entire UK has been mapped in detail for the first time. This view of changing topography was built from more than 2,000 radar images acquired by the European Union’s Sentinel-1 satellites. It should prove an invaluable tool for policymakers, and for …

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Iron Age study targets British DNA mystery

A project to sequence DNA from about 1,000 ancient remains could resolve a genetic mystery involving people from south-east Britain. A recent study showed that the present-day genetic landscape of Britain was largely laid down by the Bronze Age. But Prof David Reich told the BBC that this wasn’t the …

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Nazi legacy found in Norwegian trees

The relentless campaign to find and sink Germany’s WWII battleship, the Tirpitz, left its mark on the landscape that is evident even today. The largest vessel in Hitler’s Kriegsmarine, it was stationed for much of the war along the Norwegian coast to deter an Allied invasion. The German navy would …

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Revenge porn hub taken down by Dutch police raid

A notorious hub for the sharing of revenge porn called Anon-IB has been shut down by Dutch police. Three Dutch nationals have been arrested for stealing intimate images that they then shared on the site. Servers containing stolen data were seized by police as it investigated who had stolen the …

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Canada data firm AIQ may face legal action in UK

The UK’s Information Commissioner is considering legal action against Canadian data firm AggregateIQ (AIQ). It follows testimony from co-founder Jeff Silvester to Canadian MPs in which he claimed to be co-operating with the watchdog’s inquiry into Cambridge Analytica. In a statement, commissioner Elizabeth Denham said this was not the case. …

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Sex toy with in-built camera can be ‘easily hacked’

A wi-fi-enabled sex toy that features an in-built camera can be hacked, security researchers say. Pen Test Partners, which tested the Siime Eye vibrator, said it was “trivial” to connect to its web interface. This meant attackers could access intimate videos recorded by the device, as well as control other …

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