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Remington: Oldest US gunmaker files for bankruptcy

The oldest gun manufacturer in the US, Remington Outdoor, has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of slumping sales. The firm, founded more than 200 years ago, filed for bankruptcy protection to cut a deal with its creditors. Remington’s chief financial officer said the company’s sales dropped significantly in the …

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Naomi Wadler – the girl inspiring America?

Naomi Wadler is only 11 – but her strong voice at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, DC, is still reverberating across the US. The fifth grader from Alexandria, Virginia, said she represented African-American girls ignored by the media and suffering from gun violence. Last week, she co-led …

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Citigroup imposes restrictions on clients who sell guns

Investment bank Citigroup has said it will introduce new restrictions on business customers who sell guns. It joins a growing corporate backlash against gun violence in the US, following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month. Citigroup said it would not work with firms that sell guns to …

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