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South Korean basketball is cutting foreign players down to size

After South Korea’s basketball league kicked out a foreign player for being too tall, news reports have since emerged of athletes desperately trying to shrink themselves. A new height limit imposed on the sport has drawn both controversy and ridicule for its attempt to cut foreigners down to size. What …

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Will Netflix’s Amo be the Philippine Narcos?

Allegations of historical inaccuracy, character stereotypes and the glamorisation of a drug-fuelled past have long plagued the critically-acclaimed Netflix hit series Narcos in Colombia. And in early April, the global streaming giant will release another drug crime drama, this time from the Philippines. Set against the backdrop of President Rodrigo …

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Outlaw or ignore? How Asia is fighting ‘fake news’

Everybody is talking about it: fake news. President Trump decries it every time he sees a critical article, the Pope has condemned it, governments are fretting about its influence, holding parliamentary hearings. And now Malaysia has passed a law criminalising it, with a penalty of up to six years in …

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Philippines to temporarily close popular tourist island Boracay

The Philippine island of Boracay will be closed to tourists for six months following concerns of damage to its once pristine shores. A spokesperson for President Rodrigo Duterte said the closure would begin on 26 April. Earlier this year Mr Duterte said Boracay was turning into a “cesspool” and threatened …

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