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PM has chosen which way to jump on Syria

Prime ministers don’t choose the decisions that face them. But they have to judge which way to jump. In 2013, Theresa May’s predecessor tried and failed to get approval for military action against President Assad. There was international alarm, then as now, about his suspected use of chemical weapons. But …

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Syria air strikes: Theresa May statement in full

Last night British, French and American armed forces conducted co-ordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons capability and deter their use. For the UK’s part, four RAF Tornado GR4s launched Storm Shadow missiles at a military facility some 15 miles west of Homs, where the regime …

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Syria air strikes: UK confident of successful mission, says PM

The UK is “confident” that air strikes carried out by Britain, the US and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria have been successful, the PM has said. Theresa May also said it had been “right and legal” to take action. Military bases near the capital Damascus and the …

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Syria air strikes: Were they legal?

The justifications put forward by the US, UK and France for the air strikes in Syria have focused on the need to maintain the international prohibition against the use of chemical weapons, to degrade President Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal and to deter further chemical attacks against civilians in Syria. Prime …

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Syria air strikes: Trump hails ‘perfect’ mission

US President Donald Trump has hailed an overnight military strike on Syria as “perfectly executed”, adding “Mission Accomplished”. The US, UK and France bombed three government sites, targeting what they said were chemical weapons facilities. The strikes were in response to a suspected deadly chemical attack on the town of …

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