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Has Jeremy Corbyn ever supported a war?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life campaigning for peace and speaking out against military action. He was one of the UK’s leading campaigners against the 2003 Iraq war – and also voted against British involvement in military action in Afghanistan and Libya. In fact, he has voted against …

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Syria: What can Western military intervention achieve?

As the US and UK governments continue to discuss their potential response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma in Syria, what could military intervention achieve? The critical military virtue of surprise has long since disappeared for the United States and its allies in the strikes it is planning …

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Syria air strikes: Were they legal?

The justifications put forward by the US, UK and France for the air strikes in Syria have focused on the need to maintain the international prohibition against the use of chemical weapons, to degrade President Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal and to deter further chemical attacks against civilians in Syria. Prime …

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Syria man ‘stranded at Malaysia airport for weeks’

A Syrian man says he has spent over a month stranded in the transit section of a Malaysian airport, partly as a consequence of his country’s civil war. Hassan al-Kontar’s plight emerged when he began posting videos of himself at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. He says he was deported …

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