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Edinburgh march for vote on final Brexit deal

Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Edinburgh to call for the public be given a vote on the final Brexit deal.

The march is one of 12 major rallies planned across the UK during what organisers claim will be “the largest ever pro-European day of action”.

It comes ahead of the launch of a UK-wide People’s Vote campaign on Sunday.

Organisers are demanding a “fair and democratic” ballot on the final deal for the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Groups behind the demonstrations include Open Britain, the European Movement and Britain for Europe.

John Edward, of Open Britain, said: “Our largest ever National Day of Action is all about bringing together the various pro-European groups so that we can speak with one, unified voice, because we know that together we are stronger.”

European Movement in Scotland’s Vanessa Glynn said: “The pro-European movement is gaining in strength and momentum and that progress will be reflected this weekend with a huge demonstration of grassroots power in favour of a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.”

Anne Weyman, of Britain for Europe, said: “We may come from different political parties, different traditions and different groups, but we are united by our desire for the people to have their say on the Brexit deal and we are determined to make sure their voice is heard loud and clear.”

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